• Solutions Journalism in Every Newsroom

    Self-Directed Course
    Price: This $29.95 course is available free of cost thanks to the support of the Rita Allen Foundation.

    Solutions Journalism can be part of every newsroom's reporting. This course lays down the basics for understanding why and how to incorporate it.

  • Solutions Journalism: Covering What Works, Without the Fluff

    Price: This $29.95 Webinar is free thanks to the support of the Solutions Journalism Network.

    Learn how to find and report powerful, serious and engaging stories about responses to social problems—without falling into advocacy, PR or fluff.

  • The New Ethics of Journalism: A Guide for the 21st Century

    Price: Because we believe so strongly in the importance of sound ethical decision-making, this $29.95 Webinar is free.

    As the practice of journalism has evolved dramatically, the language we use to describe our ethical values has remained static. Until now. Learn the new ethics of journalism for the 21st Century

  • Using Data to Cover Police

    Price: This $29.95 Webinar is free thanks to the support of the McCormick Foundation.

    In this FREE Webinar learn how to gather and analyze the data you need to find unique story ideas that hold police accountable.

  • Wikipedia: What Journalists Need to Know About One of the World’s Largest Websites

    Price: This $29.95 webinar is free thanks to the generous support of the Wikimedia Foundation.

    Learn what you can do on Wikipedia, how to use Wikipedia as a source and how Wikipedia powers much of the data you see on the internet.