• A Post-Recession Advertising Strategy Series: Where Will the Money Go

    Training Package

    Leaders from half a dozen news organizations as well as advertising and industry experts discuss a post-recession advertising strategy.

  • AFSCME Writing Skills Training Package

    Training Package

    Has your writing become formulaic and predictable? The self-directed courses and Webinar in this series will help you rediscover the power of your craft, one step at a time.

    This three-part series will help you find your focus, build clear structure and revise your writing.

    What will I learn:

    • Techniques to refine your storytelling and write with confidence.
    • To clarify and streamline your writing by using straightforward words and stronger nouns and verbs.
    • Finding and fixing the most common style, grammar and punctuation errors.
  • APME Online Credibility Series

    Training Package

    Learn how different news organizations approach online credibility.

  • APME Social Media Credibility Series

    Training Package

    Learn how different news organizations approach social media credibility.

    Purchase any two courses in this Training Package for $24.95, and receive the third course free of charge. APME members get a discount on individual Webinars, but not on the package. Find details about the AMPE discount on the individual Webinars.

    What will I learn?

    Understand how to develop social media credibility standards and practices in your organization. Learn from the research, lessons and experiences of three news organizations that tackled and studied an aspect of social media credibility.

  • Copyright and Plagiarism Training Package

    Training Package

    In the evolving landscape of publishing, journalists face growing legal and ethical challenges. In these two Webinar replays, we tackle two of the most pressing issues: fair use and plagiarism.

    In Navigating Copyright and Fair Use Issues in an Open-Source World, you'll learn how you can legally promote and build upon the existing work of others to develop innovative ideas and how copyright protects your work from being used illegally. This Webinar is led by Poynter's Ellyn Angelotti.

  • Covering College Sports: Tracking Data and Finances

    Training Package

    Anyone who has tried to write about college sports has run into the need for sources, documents and data. In these back-to-back Webinars, you'll learn about data reporting and how it relates to beat coverage.

    Join Jodi Upton and Steve Berkowitz, from USA TODAY, for these two Webinar replays:

    Using Data for Better Sports Journalism: There are several ways to infiltrate the "Sports-Industrial Complex" from spending to salaries to police and court reports.

  • Data Analysis for Journalists Training Package

    Training Package

    You will become more confident and productive using data in your reporting by mastering some basic skills.

  • Design Essentials: Poynter-Society For News Design Training Package

    Training Package

    Learn how to hone your design skills and begin thinking about designing for various platforms. FREE for SND members.

  • Digital Experiences That Drive Results: Strategies for Creating Compelling Content Series

    Training Package

    This five-webinar series teaches participants to create, target and deliver digital experiences that drive measurable results.

  • Digital Products and Strategy

    Training Package

    In the evolving digital landscape, journalists face a range of challenges. In these two Webinars, we tackle two of the most pressing issues: developing strategy and building successful products. Join Megan H. Chan, director of digital products at POLITICO, for these sessions:

    The Nuts and Bolts of Setting a Digital Strategy, Wednesday, Oct. 14: How to measure and monetize your work, without losing sight of your editorial goals.

  • Digital Tools and Transition Series

    Training Package

    Find new ways to boost your online presence and expand your online audience.

  • Editors' Boot Camp: A Poynter Broadcast Training Package

    Training Package

    In a world where speed is of the essence, editors have more work than ever before. Yet the heart of the job stays the same: to help writers discover powerful stories and tell them in ways that will resonate with readers.

    Get expert, practical advice from award-winning editors in this package of Seminar Snapshots recorded at The Poynter Institute in 2013. You'll learn how to work with writers to generate better story ideas and shape those stories. You'll also get a toolkit of tips to make you more effective as an editor.

  • Entrepreneurial Journalism Training Package

    Training Package

    Looking for guidance for your journalism startup? We've gathered lessons and advice from successful entrepreneurs and experts into a unique e-learning program to help you take the next steps.

  • Examining PunditFact and Its Role in Journalism: A Poynter Broadcast


    Take an in-depth look at the impact of PunditFact's work and how the fact-checking of pundits can improve, expand and further help ensure an informed electorate.

  • Fun at Work Week

    Training Package

    Learn from experts who inspire innovation, creativity and fun in their reporting, communities and workplaces. Join us for a special series of Webinars, articles and interactive challenges starting Aug. 3.

  • Google Day @ Poynter: Research, Mapping and Audience Engagement


    Get expert, practical advice from Google media professionals about search, mapping, data, YouTube, Hangouts-on-Air and audience engagement tools.

  • Lessons from Local: Innovation Strategies for Newsrooms Series

    Training Package

    This five-part webinar series introduces participants to alternative approaches to local news coverage to help adapt to changes in the industry.

  • McClatchy Layered Journalism


    This is a private broadcast for McClatchy employees looking to improve their process for creating layered stories.

  • Mobile and Multimedia Essential Tools Series

    Training Package

    Learn the essentials of mobile news reporting and delivery.

  • Mobile Journalism Training Package

    Training Package

    Need to boost your mobile journalism? Take two power-packed mobile journalism webinars for $45 with our MOJO BOGO offer.

    Combine two great webinars into one money-saving learning package.

  • Ohio Association of Broadcasters: Broadcast Techniques Training Package

    Training Package

    You'll create more powerful and memorable stories when you master key steps in the video storytelling process. The courses in this training package will show you how to tackle the technical details that will help you tell compelling stories and continue to produce great journalism. You'll learn go-to tips, tricks and techniques whether you're reporting solo, lighting a subject under pressure or writing to your video and audio.

  • Ohio Association of Broadcasters: Broadcast Writing Training Package

    Training Package

    Quality reporting is a great start, but producing a compelling broadcast story requires more. Whether it's spot news or a feature story, you need strong writing to bring all the pieces together for your viewers and listeners.

  • Ohio Association of Broadcasters: Social Media and Mobile Training Package

    Training Package

    Social media and mobile tools are essential parts of covering news and building your audience--whether they're online readers or broadcast viewers and listeners. The courses in this training package will show you how to enhance your journalism with social media and mobile reporting. You'll learn how to report, write and engage your audience using these tools. And you'll see how you can be effective in social media tools and mobile reporting without neglecting other job duties.

  • Poynter-ACES Advanced Editing Certificate Training Package (Fall 2018)

    Training Package

    Learn how to hone your editing skills and begin thinking about editing strategically instead of just tactically.

  • Programming for Non-Geeks: Back-to-Back Webinar Special

    Training Package

    New to Web publishing? Wondering how to get your website published and add your multimedia projects to your pages? Join us for these special back-to-back Web-publishing Webinars — buy both and save!

    In Publishing Multimedia on the Web, you'll learn the basics of file formats and properties and how they affect the size and quality of your multimedia files. You'll learn the basics of streaming, downloading and storing content as well.

  • Reporters' Boot Camp 2013: A Poynter Broadcast Training Package

    Training Package

    Expert advice from the three Seminar Snapshots in this package from award-winning reporters, writers and editors will show you how to develop the heart of your craft.

    What You'll Learn

    Generating Story Ideas

    Good story ideas don't just fall into the laps of writers and reporters. They come from your own curiosity about the world and finding the true potential behind any story.

    Developing Sources

    Sources are the lifeblood of your reporting. But how do you build relationships with the people in your community or when you're out on assignment?

  • Revenue Camp for Journalism Entrepreneurs: Training Package

    Training Package

    Want to know what's working and what's not in entrepreneurial journalism? In this training package, successful entrepreneurs and experts will share their expertise about various revenue streams--advertising, events, premium content, merchandising and more. You'll get practical information that you can apply to your niche business.

  • Stretching Your News Budget With User Content

    Training Package

    Learn how to tap the resources of local citizen media and expand user contributions.

  • Sunshine Laws for Journalists and Citizens: Training Package

    Training Package

    The Sunshine Training Package provides an overview of Florida’s open meetings and public records laws, and ethics requirements

  • Telling Memorable Video Stories: A Poynter Tutorial Series

    Training Package

    Poynter's Al Tompkins shows you practical techniques that will lead to stronger video storytelling.

  • Test

    Training Package
  • The Essentials of Mobile Journalism: Webinar Series

    Training Package

    Get the essential skills you need to thrive in journalism's mobile age in this special training event. In this series of Webinars, Poynter faculty, industry experts and mobile innovators will show you how to succeed in the mobile age.

    About the Series

    There are seven Webinars in this series:

  • The Powerful Writer: A Poynter Broadcast Training Package

    Training Package

    Are you looking for fresh techniques to bring power to your writing? Break free of predictable writing — and writing habits — with our lineup of award-winning writers and editors.

    What You'll Learn

    Generating Story Ideas that Sell. Predictable stories come from predictable ideas. Break free with these fresh approaches to finding, framing and pitching your ideas.

  • The Poynter Master Class Series

    Training Package

    Taking your craft to the next level requires not only skills and focus but also courage and inspiration. The Poynter Institute Master Class is a unique opportunity to learn from prominent journalists in an intimate, exclusive event.

  • The Writing Process: Improve Your Writing in Five Steps

    Training Package

    Break free of predictable writing — and habits — and rediscover the power of your craft.

  • Training for HSN Editors

    Training Package

    Develop and refine your editing skills with the courses in this training package.

    Explore various steps in the editing process: reviewing the basics of grammar, spelling and style; reviewing alternative story forms for factual errors and other problematic copy; fine-tuning awkward passages and removing unnecessary words; and turning complex ideas into engaging, clear copy.

    These courses will help you edit with confidence for accuracy, clarity and meaning.

  • Training for HSN Writers

    Training Package

    Develop and refine your writing skills with the courses in this training package.

    You'll explore the stages of the writing process as well as ways to communicate effectively with non-traditional forms of writing.

  • Video Essentials Training Package

    Training Package

    Looking for the basics in video storytelling and editing? These two June Webinars are your quick-start guide.

    Telling Stories with Video: A Primer will walk you through the basic building blocks of videography with a journalistic approach to visual storytelling--no matter whether you are shooting video with your phone or a dedicated video camera. This Webinar will be Thursday, June 11, at 2 p.m. Eastern time.

  • Video Storytelling With the Pros (2010 Workshop)

    Training Package

    The four Seminar Snapshots in this package will show you how to produce creative stories while making immediate deadlines, handle difficult assignments as a solo reporter, cover the same-old story assignments with a fresh spark, and develop your narrative voice.

  • Video Storytelling with the Pros: Creativity on a Deadline Training Package

    Training Package

    The four Seminar Snapshots in this package will help you understand how award-winning professionals work through the creative process of storytelling on a deadline. Learn their tips and tricks, find out how they tell great stories in breaking news situations and also feed information online.