The Chaos Scenario in Media and Marketing

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The Chaos Scenario in Media and Marketing
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Time Estimate:
One hour

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In the debate about the future of news and the business prospects of news organizations, there has been surprisingly little discussion of how advertising is evolving.

In this one-hour session, Bob Garfield, host of NPR's "On the Media," columnist for Advertising Age and author of "The Chaos Scenario," presents an irreverent assessment of traditional advertising as "doomed" and suggests how it could be reinvented.

This presentation was part of a daylong event that brought together leaders of half a dozen news organizations as well as advertising and industry experts to discuss a post-recession advertising strategy.

This replay is one of five from a Poynter Conference, "A Post-Recession Advertising Strategy: Where Will the Money Go?" held Nov. 19, 2009. See the training package.

The other replays in the series are:

  • "Changing Consumer Attitudes: Optimism, Aspiration, and Accommodation" with Betsy Frank, chief research and insights officer, Time Inc. Media Group

  • "Revenue Boosters" with Lem Lloyd, vice president, Yahoo Reseller Network

  • "What Advertisers Are Looking For" with Jim Gillespie, executive director of the St. Petersburg Automobile Dealers Association, and Michael Oransky, president at Michael Oransky & Company/Media

  • "Where the New Revenue Is and How to Get It" with Ken Doctor, news business analyst and consultant, Outsell

If you registered during the live event, you are already enrolled in all the replays in the series and don't need to pay again.

What Will I Learn:
  • What to expect as the recession eases and recovery begins
  • Where the advertising opportunities will be
  • Where consumers are spending money and their changing attitudes
  • How to capture a share of the increased spending
Who should take this course:

Anyone who is interested in how newspapers are meeting the demands of advertisers -- and making money in the process.


Bob Garfield

Bob Garfield, co-host of NPR's On the Media, is a columnist, critic, essayist, pundit, international lecturer and inveterate broadcaster. Garfield also writes "Ad Review," a TV-commercial criticism feature in Advertising Age magazine.

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