Covering the Green Jobs Debate

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November 19, 2009 Enroll Now

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Covering the Green Jobs Debate
Originally Broadcast On:
November 19, 2009
Time Estimate:
One hour


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Government and business leaders tout “green jobs” as a cornerstone of the new economy. Critics charge that green job plans are empty promises. Economists and others say the issue is much more complex than they expected.

How do you cut through the buzz words, the numbers and conflicting opinions? Do green jobs mean more jobs in your community?

What, exactly, is a "green job" anyway?

Learn the basics of the green economy, the questions you need to ask and the resources that will help you tell better stories -- no matter what beat you cover. Plus, you'll learn about a new online resource from the Knight Center for Specialized Journalism that will help you find information, locate experts and share ideas with other journalists.

What Will I Learn:
  • How to define “green jobs” and find reliable information about those jobs
  • How to ask questions about green jobs that go beyond the numbers
  • How to report on policy initiatives that are driving the creation of green jobs
  • How to report on industries creating green jobs – including some unexpected ones
Who Should Take this Course:

This course is for anyone whose work touches on the topics of jobs and the economy and wants to ask better questions. That includes:

  • City hall, local government and statehouse reporters who cover economic development and jobs
  • Business reporters who cover current and prospective local companies
  • Economics reporters who cover job-creation and general economic trends
  • Tech reporters who cover start-ups and emerging technologies
  • Columnists and editorial writers who deal with these topics
Course Instructor:

Marcy Lowe

Marcy Lowe is a research associate at Duke University's Center on Globalization, Governance & Competitiveness. She researches the environmental impact of specific technologies and industries, with a particular eye toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Training Partner:

Knight Center for Specialized Journalism

The Knight Center for Specialized Journalism provided free in-depth training seminars for print, broadcast and online reporters, editors and editorial writers for 22 years before closing in December 2009.

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