E-Commerce Strategies: Transforming Classified Car Ads

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E-Commerce Strategies: Transforming Classified Car Ads
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One hour

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Do you know what car buyers want in an online classified ad service? How can you increase your share of the online classified market — and dramatically grow your revenue?

E-commerce demands an end-user focus, and Deseret Digital Media has found success. Learn valuable tips and insights from the transformation of KSL Cars into its market's leading classified ad site. Discover how e-commerce can become a golden goose for your digital media organization.

In this Seminar Snapshot, Eric Bright, the vice president of e-commerce for Deseret Digital Media, describes the changes that made KSL Cars a success story.

This Seminar Snapshot contains edited video highlights from a presentation at The Deseret News in Salt Lake City, Utah, during Transformation Tour, a workshop on October 25-26, 2012. The presentation was part of the Business Model Innovation workshop, the second in a series of workshops by API and The Poynter Institute.

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What Will I Learn:
  • How Deseret Media transformed its online classified
  • What it means to create user-focused advertising
  • How to focus on marketplace and e-commerce in your online ad products
  • How not to kill the golden goose
Who should take this course:

Executives, publishers and key organizational leaders in technology, marketing, revenue, research, sales, and audience and product development who want to turn their online classifieds into revenue-generating powerhouses.


Eric Bright

Eric Bright is the Vice President of E-commerce at Deseret Digital Media, focusing on Marketplace Commerce products (including Classifieds, Deals, Shops and Local). Eric has over 12 years of experience in e-commerce, online and offline marketing, and general business management.

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