Training for HSN Editors

Course Overview

Training for HSN Editors
Included in this package:

About Training Packages

Purchase this Training Package to be enrolled in all of its courses.

Develop and refine your editing skills with the courses in this training package.

Explore various steps in the editing process: reviewing the basics of grammar, spelling and style; reviewing alternative story forms for factual errors and other problematic copy; fine-tuning awkward passages and removing unnecessary words; and turning complex ideas into engaging, clear copy.

These courses will help you edit with confidence for accuracy, clarity and meaning.

What Will I Learn:

  • How to identify and correct common grammar and punctuation errors
  • The basics of Associated Press style
  • New ways to make information more useful to readers who are pressed for time
  • How to review writing with fresh eyes (and ears) to catch mistakes and fine-tune awkward passages
  • Your workstyle and strengths as an editor and areas in which you can learn new skills

To earn the certificate in editing, you must pass the assessments for each of the courses in this program contained in the HSN Certificate Program. Questions in each assessment will cover the content from the course, so we encourage you to work through each course before you take the assessment. You'll have three chances to pass each assessment, so you can always review the material again if you don't pass the first time.

This training package is for staffers at HSN. HSN staffers should contact their supervisor for information about enrolling in this package.

For information about developing custom training with Poynter NewsU, please contact us at info(at)newsu(dot)org.