Journalism Entrepreneurs: Making Money from Premium Content

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Journalism Entrepreneurs: Making Money from Premium Content
Seminar Snapshot
Time Estimate:
About an hour

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Chris Seper built his successful MedCity News around three products, each grounded in his credibility as a journalist: the online portal, syndicating or reselling that content, and creating made-to-order custom content.

Learn the balance of these three business elements. Understand how to maintain the integrity of your website and syndicated material and still sell custom content that reflects the buyer’s viewpoint or brand. Know how to calculate what to charge for custom content.

This replay is from The Poynter Institute's two-day workshop event, Revenue Camp for Journalism Entrepreneurs, on May 18-19, 2012. You can purchase the replay of this individual session for $29.95 each or buy the training package of all six presentations for $124.95.

What Will I Learn:
  • What margins to expect on content so you can decide what deals to make
  • How to eep your custom content separate, journalistically and organizationally, from your site’s content and your syndication stream
  • What kinds of salespeople to hire
Who should take this course:

Journalism entrepreneurs ready to shape their revenue strategy to fit the needs of their business.


Chris Seper

Chris Seper is a digital media entrepreneur who started and leads MedCity Media, which publishes MedCity News is the destination portal for innovation coverage and B2B insight in the life sciences and healthcare, gathering the best collection of C-level executives, entrepreneurs, investors and others stakeholders.


Bill Mitchell

Bill Mitchell, a faculty affiliate at Poynter, previously led the the Institute's entrepreneurial and international programs and, before that, directed Poynter Online for 10 years. Before joining the institute in 1999, he worked as editor of Universal New Media and director of electronic publishing at the San Jose Mercury News.