McClatchy Social Media Certificate

Course Overview

McClatchy Social Media Certificate
Certificate Program

This certificate is designed specifically for employees of the McClatchy Company.

About Certificate Programs

Certificates of proficiency are designed to measure your knowledge of essential skills or information. To receive a certificate, take the NewsU courses associated with that certificate program and then successfully complete the online assessment for each course. Once you've passed all the assessments, you will receive your certificate from Poynter's NewsU.

Here's how this works: You have to be enrolled in the certificate program in order to earn your certificate. If you enroll in each course individually, you will not have access to the certificate. You can enroll in the certificate program by clicking the blue "Enroll Now" button on the right. And if you have any questions, you can always contact us at

We've built custom programs for a range of media organizations, including National Geographic, The McClatchy Company, Journal Media and Gannett. If you are interested in a custom program for your organization, please contact us at

Who Benefits From This Certificate:

This certificate is designed specifically for The McClatchy Company. It is for McClatchy reporters, editors, bloggers, producers and anyone interested in using social media as a set of tools to further the goal of creating compelling stories and expanding the audience for them.

How Certificates Work:
  • Each assessment contains about 15-20 multiple-choice and true-false questions
  • You must score at least 80 percent to pass each assessment
  • You'll get three chances to pass each assessment
  • You'll have 30 minutes to complete each assessment
  • When you pass all the assessments, you will receive your certificate

Questions? Read our Certificates FAQ or contact us.