Headlines that Help Stories Reach Readers (McClatchy July 2016)

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Headlines that Help Stories Reach Readers (McClatchy July 2016)
Online Group Seminar

This course is only for McClatchy employees. Please watch your emails for the promo code to enroll in this course for free.

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This archived Online Group Seminar was originally available on:
July 26 to July 29, 2016
What Will I Learn:
  • Why writing Facebook headlines is one of the most important jobs in journalism today.
  • Why we can’t write yesterday’s headlines if we want to reach today’s readers.
  • What makes for a good headline in 2016, and how to craft one.
Who should take this course:

This is a private course for the McClatchy Company. It is part of a custom training program from Poynter NewsU. Please watch your email for a promocode to enroll in this course for free.

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Course Instructor:

Andie Coller

Andie Coller is the readership team’s headline expert. Before she came to McClatchy, she served as deputy editor and two-time acting editor of National Journal magazine, where among her other responsibilities she wrote headlines for both the print and online editions. Prior to that, she spent five years sharpening the headlines on POLITICO’s homepage each morning. She has been using the big type up top to sell stories to readers for more than 20 years.

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The McClatchy Company

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