Plagiarism in the 21st Century

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Plagiarism in the 21st Century
Seminar Snapshot

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This video replay examines the definition of plagiarism among today's digital content creators. Traditional journalists, bloggers, user-generated news sites and people who Tweet bombard the Internet with information. But do these stories add value? Are they simply the retelling of others' work? Or are they flat-out plagiarism?

Participants in the conversation begin to form common and ideal standards based on good and bad practices of sourcing and attribution.

This replay is from Poynter's Sensemaking seminar. Presenters and seminar participants share their perspectives as contributors to the digital Fifth Estate.

What Will I Learn:
  • The bad practices that lead to plagiarism
  • Possible new roles created for the purpose of making sense of multiple sources of news content
  • The balance of better repurposing and content creators
  • The difference of plagiarism between the fourth and fifth estate
Who should take this course:

People who publish and repurpose news content and want to avoid the pitfalls of online plagiarism.


Kelly McBride

Kelly McBride is the vice president at The Poynter Institute. She is a writer, teacher and one of the country's leading voices when it comes to media ethics. She has been on the faculty of The Poynter Institute since 2002 and is editor, along with Tom Rosenstiel of the American Press Institute, of The New Ethics of Journalism : Principles for the 21st Century.

Her other work involves Poynter’s Sense-Making Project, a Ford Foundation project examining the transformation of journalism from a profession of a few to a civic obligation of many, the effects of technology on democracy, and the media habits of the millennial generation. She conducts workshops in newsrooms and at journalism conventions across the country. Twice she has traveled to South Africa to lead advanced reporting and writing seminars geared toward reporters working in a young democracy. You can follow her on Twitter at @kellymcb.


Rolf Skyberg

During his career, he has focused on inspiring new ways of approaching problems and exploring them from a holistic viewpoint. Skyberg’s investigations in those areas have yielded patent filings in areas such as social commerce, item categorization, and delivery verification systems.

He has a BS in Information Systems and Quantitative Analysis with additional studies in System Science.