Reinventing The Capstone Class

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Reinventing The Capstone Class
Seminar Snapshot
Time Estimate:
Two hours

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What would a curriculum look like if it didn't focus on a specific platform? What if traditional journalism programs were revamped to allow collaboration across disciplines, evolving accreditation requirements and a relatively deep and diverse faculty.

This curriculum might not be for every program, but The New York Times multimedia editor, Andrew DeVigal, discusses how schools can develop a structure that prepares students in telling stories in multiple media and formats.

This Seminar Snapshot was recorded Jan. 8, 2010, at The Poynter Institute seminar, A New Curriculum for a New Journalism.

What Will I Learn:
  • Core techniques in narrative journalism
  • How to bring students, professionals and other departments together
  • How to organize multimedia projects
  • How to decide which medium is best for a story
  • How to build a collaborative environment
Who should take this course:

Educators involved with shaping journalism programs.


Andrew DeVigal

Andrew DeVigal is the multimedia editor of The New York Times at, where he directs the presentation of audio, graphics and slide shows on the Web.

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