Target and Engage Your Audience: Digital Experiences That Drive Results, Part 1

Course Overview

Target and Engage Your Audience: Digital Experiences That Drive Results, Part 1
Originally Broadcast On:
August 01, 2018
Time Estimate:
One hour for the main presentation and questions. Sometimes presenters stay longer to answer additional questions from participants.

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This Webinar was originally broadcast on:
August 01, 2018 Enroll Now
Watch and listen to the original one-hour Webinar in its entirety. This Webinar recording features the full presentation led by Poynter faculty and visiting faculty including Q&A from the audience and resources from the presenter.

In this webinar, participants will learn to apply the term “content” broadly, to include anything that is published to attract and engage an audience. Content might take any format: written material, video, images, audio, graphics and interactive experiences.

Regardless of format, the quality, depth and authenticity of content are critical to attracting interest, garnering respect and ultimately driving results.

Employing a simple planning process and content framework makes it easier to target and effectively engage just the right audience. This framework uses varying degrees of depth — to extend reach — and voice — to strengthen audience or “lead” quality.

This webinar is the first in a series of five webinars that teach participants to create digital experiences that drive measurable results.

After this introduction to content development, the series continues with a three-part dive into key delivery methods: search optimization, direct outreach and social media. The series concludes with an introduction to methods and tools that help drive measurable results.

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These five webinars are available individually, at $29.95 each or as a series. Buy the complete training package of five webinars at $120; the $30 discount essentially means one webinar is free.

In This Series:

What Will I Learn:
  • An understanding of the broad spectrum of available digital content forms and the strengths of each
  • What consumers experience, regardless of content format
  • How quality, depth and authenticity affect content development and audience engagement
  • Key questions to explore when defining content strategies
  • A framework for planning content to extend reach and increase audience quality
  • What’s coming next in the series
Who Should Take this Course:
  • Professional journalists across platforms, at all career stages
  • Academic journalists (professors and students)
  • Brand journalists (e.g., public relations leaders, self-publishing organizations, etc.)
  • Freelance journalists, bloggers and marketing professionals who are looking to develop content marketing skills
Course Instructor:

Crystal L. Lauderdale

Crystal L. Lauderdale is a multimedia journalist turned digital marketing and communications leader who likes to stay at the cutting edge. She is passionate about helping innovative organizations grow and succeed and has built multiple creative teams and strategies to achieve measurable results, reaching audiences that range from tech-native Gen Z-ers to parents, legislators, business leaders, investors, media and the general public. Crystal has spent most of her career in entrepreneurial and tech environments like the New York Times Regional Group, AOL’s and Florida Polytechnic University, a brand-new state school dedicated to emerging fields in science, technology, engineering and math. Presently, Crystal is Director of Content Strategy at Alvarez & Marsal, a global professional services firm providing leadership, problem solving and value creation for companies across industries and around the world.

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