We Launch Our 200K Countdown and Stories Project

9:52 AM Aug. 09, 2011 — by Howard Finberg

[From our e-mail newsletter]

From the beginning, we've counted on you to shape Poynter's News University. Your participation and feedback have made NewsU what it is today -- one of the world's most innovative journalism e-learning sites.

As we get ready to welcome our 200,000th registered user, we're counting on you once again: to tell your NewsU story. We want to know how NewsU has made you a better journalist, a better teacher, a better student or even a better news consumer.

Your Story Counts. Why? Because it helps us demonstrates the scope and impact of NewsU's offerings. It also helps your co-workers, colleagues, students and future NewsU users understand the importance of lifelong learning. Plus, we continue to make it "all about U” by giving everyone who participates a chance at prizes for the best stories. Top prize is an iPad.

So what kind of story should you tell? Tell about how NewsU has transformed you. Or perhaps how has NewsU affected the journalists in your newsroom, your colleagues at the office—or the students in your classroom. Tell your story in words, pictures, video…or anything else you'd like to use.

For more information and to submit your story, visit the Your Story Counts page.