AEJMC Presentation of the J101 E-Learning Project. We've Gone Public

2:37 PM Aug. 12, 2011 — by Howard Finberg

We rolled out the J101 Project to a nicely crowded room at the AEJMC Convention in St. Louis yesterday. I outlined the why and how aspects of the our e-learning pilot. One key thought that keeps rolling around in our heads is how this course is an innovative marriage of NewsU's self directed training, our Webinar methods and our online group seminar experiences. We are also happy to share our new "Instructor Dashboard," which will have uses beyond this project.

While the PowerPoint only has the outline of the project, it might be helpful for those who want to learn more.

The second part of presentation involved our partner schools and their experiences. While each had different reasons for participating, all shared the enthusiasm for this experiment. They also have different approaches in working with their students in labs and coaching sessions. What's exciting for us is watching these various hybrid teaching experiences.