Making Connections: Learning How Students Want to Learn

1:24 PM Sep. 23, 2011 — by Howard Finberg

As we finish the first third of our semester, it seems like a good time to look at how the Live Lectures are working.

Good news: The Live Lecture from Poynter faculty has been outstanding. The teaching has been consistent, engaging and to the point of helping students understand journalism. The less than happy news: Students have decided they prefer the "anytime" approach to viewing. While the folks at Poynter NewsU think this is fine, I can't help but be a bit wistful for the missed opportunity for students to engage with the Poynter lecturer.

However, we wanted to learn and adjust. So, we dropped the second lecture,

which allows us to post the replay faster. I think the other lesson is more strategic: How do we find a time that works for students across three different time zones. And how do we help set the expectations for both our partners and ourselves.

One other note: We have tweaked our Instructor Dashboard to give us a better view of how well students are performing in the weekly quiz.