Stretching Your News Budget With User Content

Course Overview

Stretching Your News Budget With User Content
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Learn how to tap the resources of local citizen media and expand user contributions.

A Poynter Conference Broadcast Replay Series

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What will I learn?

Participatory journalism. Crowdsourcing. Pro-am. Whatever you call it, you're probably debating how to create or expand user content for your organization.

Explore the benefits (and drawbacks) of enlisting volunteers or semi-professionals to cover the stories your professional team can't. Learn how to maximize impact and create a system that makes sense for your newsroom.

  • Collaborating With Users
  • What the Fifth Estate Can Do – and Can They Do It for You?
  • Balancing Community Journalism and Citizen Participation

This package gives you access to all three sessions from our live broadcast, originally offered on May 6, 2010. The broadcast was part of a two-day conference at The Poynter Institute in May 2010.