Stephanie Johnson

Stephanie Johnson, a business analyst for Public Partnerships, LLC, has years of experience in education and journalism.

She worked as classroom teacher, in-service program developer, and as the Manager of Educational Services at Essex County Newspapers and the Eagle Tribune, both in the greater Boston area. During that time she served as president of the Massachusetts Newspaper in Education Council. Johnson was a writer for the first Family Literacy program for the National Newspaper Publishers Association Foundation and later received recognition from First Lady Barbara Bush for her work in family literacy.

After leaving the newspaper industry, Stephanie worked as a textbook writer and editor for several national publishing companies. She has also been a collaborator in several Use The News Foundation projects with Sherrye D. Garrett, Ed.D. Among them is the nationally piloted High Five! language arts curriculum, which was funded by the American Newspaper Publishers Association Foundation and the Knight Ridder Foundation.

After moving to New Mexico, Johnson managed a state-wide home/school communication practicum at six universities. She lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico.