Newspaper Association of America Foundation

The Newspaper Association of America Foundation strives to develop engaged and literate citizens in a diverse society. NAAF endeavors to help media companies increase their readership and audience by offering programs that encourage the cultivation of a more diverse work force in the press. The foundation also invests in and supports programs designed to enhance student achievement through newspaper readership and appreciation of the First Amendment.

The foundation’s young-reader programs and products emphasize the use of newspapers and other media by young people. NAAF's diversity programs and activities strive to help news media companies transform their cultures in order to grow their business and increase readership and audience.

Foundation support is concentrated in these primary areas:

  • Newspaper in Education (NIE): The foundation maintains a nationwide system of cooperation between newspapers and schools designed to enhance student achievement and appreciation of the First Amendment in a variety of subject areas through the use of newspapers in schools and helps newspapers develop strategic plans for providing NIE services to educators.
  • Youth content: The foundation supports the Youth Editorial Alliance (YEA), a nationwide coalition of newspapers dedicated to advocating the value of content targeted toward youth. The foundation provides resources and training in the development of youth content in newspapers; serves as a clearinghouse for youth readership initiatives; and helps newspapers plan and evaluate youth features and content.
  • Student newspapers: The foundation encourages collaboration between newspapers and schools to support student-produced media. The foundation works with scholastic media associations nationwide to provide training and resources, with an emphasis on enhancing appreciation of the First Amendment.
  • Diversity: The foundation collects and disseminates best-practice information on how a diverse work force can help to spur innovation and increase readership and audience, and offers activities and information to help news media companies in their efforts to recruit and retain a diverse work force. NAAF offers fellowship programs and supports industry training programs with the goal of helping the industry achieve a significant increase in leadership diversity.