Poynter ACES Program for Editors and Editing

These editing courses from Poynter News University and ACES: The Society for Editing bring together the industry leaders in professional editing with the global leader in journalism training. Working together, we have created certificate programs as well as individual courses designed to develop and grow the skills of writers, editors, communications professionals, educators and students.

ACES members can enroll in any of these programs at a member rate of $11.95 per course or $75 for the editing certificates. (Learn more about joining ACES.)

Certificate Programs

Poynter-ACES Advanced Editing Certificate Training Package
Two programs, featuring personalized coaching and feedback, that form a comprehensive training program for editors and writers who want to hone their skills and edit strategically instead of just tactically.

Accurate, Audience-Focused Editing: A Poynter ACES Certificate
Designed to help editors apply their critical thinking skills to deeper editing across platforms.

Poynter ACES Certificate in Editing
Distinguish yourself in the eyes of editors and publishers by showing you have a solid understanding of the standards, essential skills and best practices of editing.

Upcoming Webinars

Untangling the Weeds: Strategies for Substantive Editing, Jan. 25 Approaches for untangling convoluted copy.

Sweat This, Not That: Real Rules vs. Grammar Myths, March 1 Take a look at common writing "rules" that have no basis in English grammar.

Writing and Editing Marketing Materials, May 10 How to compose and edit marketing materials.

The Art of the Link: Why Hyperlinks Matter and How to Do Them Well, Sept. 6

9 Ways to Edit Yourself or Anyone Else: Editing Fundamentals, Oct. 18

On-demand Courses

Clarity is Key: Making Writing Clean and Concise
Learn to clarify and streamline your writing by using straightforward words and stronger nouns and verbs.

Cleaning Your Copy: Grammar, Style and More
Brush up on the basics of grammar, spelling, punctuation and AP style so you can create clean, error-free copy – no matter what you're writing.

Copy Editor Essentials: What You Should Know in Your Sleep
Review the essentials that make a great copy editor great – or make a writer an editor’s best friend.

Curating Content: How to Aggregate Coverage
How do make sense of the news on the web for your readers? Get the tools you need to curate content quickly, accurately and effectively.

Don’t Get Fooled Again: Best Practices for Online Verification
Learn how to spot online hoaxes and verify content, images and video you find on social networks.

Editing Entertainment and Pop Culture Articles
The differences (and similarities!) between entertainment editing and more traditional news content.

Editing Triage: Managing Workflow Effectively
Learn how to wisely spend your time managing editing tasks.

Embracing Style: Which Style Guide to Use, How to Use it (and When to Ditch it)
Master your style guide and learn when you can safely ignore it (spoiler: hardly ever).

Fact-Checking 101 Whether you work behind the scenes with writers or need to review your own work, here’s a process to keep sources and facts straight.

Fundamentals of Editing
Gain a solid grounding in the process of editing and the range of skills that give text a professional polish.

Getting It Right: Accuracy and Verification in the Digital Age
Acquire the knowledge and tools to become a more accurate journalist in the digital age.

Getting to the Point: Editing for Structure and Focus
Learn how to evaluate and improve the structure of your content so readers stay hooked.

Headlines, Not Cheaplines or Borelines
We know we can’t write headlines like we used to, but writing well today doesn’t mean being cheap or boring.

How to Edit Marketing Materials with Savvy and Sense
Learn how to edit ads and marketing communications — everything from web copy and white papers to e-newsletters and social posts.

Investigating the Internet: How to Sniff Out Scams Learn the latest tools and techniques for investigating websites, people and social accounts online.

Language Primer: Basics of Grammar, Punctuation and Word Use
Practice the fundamentals of grammar and composition so you can write and edit with greater confidence.

Managing Creative People
What creative employees want and how we can give it to them.

Narrative Storytelling in a Corporate World
How your company can respond to the higher stakes in corporate communications with compelling narrative storytelling.

9 Ways You Drive Readers Away (And 9 Tips to Keep Them Reading)
Use these strategies to make sure the readers you've drawn in to your writing aren't driven away.

Online and Social Media Corrections: When, Why and How
How should you correct a tweet or online article? Get practical guidance on the best ways to offer corrections in a multi-platform, digital world.

Preventing Plagiarism and Fabrication in News Publishing
Get real-world recommendations for preventing and handling issues of plagiarism.

Slimming it Down: Cutting Content for Different Spaces
Get techniques for keeping the news without losing all the details when you have to edit a story for different platforms.

Spotting the Red Flags: How to Verify Information
When you don’t have time to question everything before publication, where do you start? Learn how to stop mistakes before they happen.

The Art and Science of Editing
Learn to identify when you need to edit something, when you don’t and how to explain your changes to others.

The Inner Life of Grammar
Take a deep look into the mechanics of English to gain confidence in identifying and fixing tricky problems.

The Power of Word Choice
Learn language sensitivity in a politically correct world.

The Web's Best Editing Resources
Learn about all the best online resources that will make you a smarter, more efficient editor.

There's Math In My Journalism! Solving Your Numbers Problems
Learn how to solve the most common math problems and present numbers in journalism.

Tweet This, Not That: How to Write and Edit for Social Media
Don't copy and paste that tweet to your Facebook post! Learn how to write and edit posts for audiences across different social media platforms.

When a Staff Isn’t a Staff: Managing Freelancers
Explore the logistics of managing a freelance pool and how to build a strategy that helps your freelancers deliver their best results.

Writing Effective Photo Captions
A picture may be worth a thousand words, but it still needs a caption. Learn how to write compelling and clear captions for your photos.

Writing Headlines for Digital and Mobile Media
Learn how to write better headlines for digital media, including desktop, smartphones and tablets.