Help Us Build New Courses: Previews of 'Web Design' and 'Understanding Audiences'

6:53 PM May. 12, 2011 — by Vicki Krueger

We're always working on something new at Poynter's NewsU, but we don't want to work alone. So we're asking your help as we shape a couple of new courses about audiences: Functional Web Design for Today’s News Audiences and Understanding Audiences. We've developed these preview editions so you can share your ideas and training needs.

The first, Functional Web Design for Today’s News Audiences, will help you present information online in a way that doesn't overwhelm your audience. If you are you responsible for your organization's Web efforts and struggle to understand usability and performance, then Functional Web Design can help. Get started by enrolling in the preview and tell us what questions you have and in what areas you struggle. Then we'll use your feedback to build the course.

The second new course is Understanding Audiences, an upcoming self-directed course about finding, developing and keeping audiences. Whether you are in a news organization or are considering how to set up and build your own business, this course will be for you. In the preview, we want to know a little bit about your current audience, your potential audience and your questions about developing an audience.

If you help us now, you'll get special deals, including discounts, later -- just for being part of this unique way to develop Poynter News University training. It's our way of saying thanks for being a special part of the NewsU community.