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Remembering a Poynter NewsU Hero

6:42 PM Jan. 25, 2013 — by Howard Finberg

Paul Pohlman is one of the unsung heroes of Poynter’s e-learning project, News University.

Like many heroes, Paul did not see his role as being heroic. Or even very important. Yet I’m convinced that Poynter NewsU would not have been as successful without Paul’s quiet guidance, enthusiastic support and good humor.

Paul died recently. It was a sudden and very sad end.

He made a difference when it came to Poynter’s future for many reasons.

Training Ideas: Covering Issues About Religion

3:17 PM Sep. 14, 2012 — by Howard Finberg

With all the news out of the Middle East, we thought you’d like to have these e-learning resources handy should you need them in your reporting or teaching:

Covering Islam in America: Learn the religious, social, political and geographical facts about Islam so you can tackle stories with confidence and context.

Religion, Culture and Society: Getting Beyond the Cliches: Religion intersects nearly every story you cover. Learn how to tell those stories with greater context, skill and thoughtfulness.

Handling Race and Ethnicity: Examine whether and how to use racial and ethnic descriptions in news stories.

Reporting on Religion and Political Candidates: Learn best practices to execute solid stories about the faith of political candidates.

Enjoy the learning.

Five Fridays in August: Special Savings Through Monday on Poynter Training

4:14 PM Aug. 30, 2012 — by Vicki Krueger

We're wrapping up our Five Fridays campaign with special savings on courses by Poynter faculty. As a bonus, we're extending the savings throughout the Labor Day weekend.

10 Tools to Improve Your Campaign Coverage: Roundup of Resources from Poynter's NewsU

10:53 PM Aug. 26, 2012 — by Vicki Krueger

As the Republican National Convention kicks off this week, the 2012 campaign heats up. So we've put together this list of courses and resources to help you--whether you're covering a national race, a state campaign or a local election.

Five Fridays in August: Savings for Friday, Aug. 24

9:05 PM Aug. 23, 2012 — by Vicki Krueger

At the NewsU central office in St. Petersburg, Fla., we're gearing up for the Republican National Convention. So we're kicking off this week's Five Fridays campaign with a Webinar replay to help you cover the 2012 campaign. But we've also got great courses to help you write for the Web, think about mobile strategies, use Twitter for your newscasts and more. Save 30 percent on Friday, Aug. 24, on any--or all--of these courses when use use the code 4thFridayFive. And we'll be back next week with more savings.

Five Fridays in August: Latest Savings on NewsU Training

10:47 PM Aug. 16, 2012 — by Vicki Krueger

It's the third week of our Five Fridays campaign, featuring savings on select NewsU courses each Friday in August. Save 30 percent on Friday, Aug. 17, on any--or all--of these courses when use use the code 3rdFridayFive. And we'll be back next week with more savings. So watch your email for updates.

Here are this week's featured courses:

Short Narrative Bursts: Social Media Writing: Conquer the challenge of telling a lively, fair and contextualized story through social media platforms.

Week Two of Five Fridays: This Week's Savings on NewsU Training

10:46 PM Aug. 08, 2012 — by Vicki Krueger

It's the second week of our Five Fridays campaign. Each Friday in August, Poynter's NewsU is offering a discount on select NewsU courses. So watch your email each week for the savings. The discount is good on Friday only, so act quickly.

Five Fridays: Special Summer Savings on NewsU Training

2:25 AM Aug. 03, 2012 — by Vicki Krueger

Celebrate the last full month of summer with our Five Fridays campaign. Each Friday in August, Poynter's NewsU is offering a discount on select NewsU courses. So watch your email each week for the savings. The discount is good on Friday only, so act quickly.

Lucky Friday the 13th: One-Day Offer on Training from Poynter's NewsU

2:01 AM Jul. 13, 2012 — by Vicki Krueger

Friday the 13th may be scary for some, but at Poynter’s NewsU we think it’s a lucky day. We’re giving you a 13 percent discount on some of our broadcasts and seminar snapshots. Whether you want to write better, tell better video stories or start your own news business, we’ve got courses to help.

All day on Friday, July 13, you get 13 percent off when you enroll in the following courses:

The Writing Process: Improve Your Writing Task in Five Steps, a daylong workshop on Sept.

The Future of Journalism Education. A Personal Perspective

5:02 PM Jun. 04, 2012 — by Howard Finberg

Today (June 4, 2012) I gave the keynote speech at the European Journalism Centre's 20th anniversary celebration in Maastricht, The Netherlands.

I raised some ideas around the difference between journalism education and training and a journalism degree. I also focused on what I see is the disruption of the educational system (or industry) by the same technology forces that turned the media industry upside down and inside out during the past 20 years. In addition, I reported on the results of a study of professionals and professors about how they see the value of a journalism degree.

EJC has posted a video of the speech on the EJC's site, The Twitter stream is #ejc20. A recap of the tweets about the talk are at @hif Storify page.

What follows below is what I wrote for the speech, minus a few small pieces. Of course, I went off script a few times, but not to any major degree.

The Future of Journalism Education

By Howard Finberg

Director of Partnerships and Alliances, The Poynter Institute

Given 6.4.2012 to the European Journalism Centre conference on the future.

First, let me congratulate the European Journalism Centre on its 20th anniversary. I’m honored and thrilled to have been invited to give the keynote address this afternoon.

Two years ago, at the journalism session at the Amsterdam Picnic Conference, which was hosted by the EJC, I gave a presentation titled the “Future of Journalism.” It was a pretty lofty title for a 45-minute session. And because it was the last session, I stood in the way of the participants getting to the bar. I’m thankful I don’t have that challenge today.

Instead, I’m challenged to share my thoughts about the “Future of Journalism Education.”

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