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Get your promo code to celebrate Training Tuesday: 30 percent discounts on courses

2:48 PM Nov. 26, 2010 — by Howard Finberg

With the holiday season upon us, Poynter’s News University introduces Training Tuesday, a new "shopping" tradition that follows in the footsteps of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Training Tuesday, which starts Nov. 30, kicks off that period when work slows and, we hope, there might be a little more time for self-directed training. And self-directed e-learning is what we do best.

In celebration, Poynter's NewsU is giving you 30 percent discounts on NewsU’s Webinar replays, training packages, NewsU Tech courses and seminar snapshots.

E-Learning & Classroom Teaching: Powerful Combo

8:41 PM Aug. 03, 2010 — by Howard Finberg

Poynter's News University, prepping for its annual trek to the AEJMC convention high in the mountains of Colorado [Denver] just released the results of a new study about integrating e-learning into the classroom. We asked educators about their use of e-learning [any kind of online training]. We were surprised [shocked?] at how high the usage was. If anyone thinks e-learning is the future, they are out of date. E-learning is the present.

Daily Training Tip. New Part of the New NewsU

12:06 PM Mar. 11, 2010 — by Howard Finberg

Like moving into a new house, there is more than enough to do before you have a house-warming party. That’s what we’ve been doing at Poynter’s News University. We have moved to our new platform. Now we are fussing with the behind-the-scenes functionality [something that doesn’t affect most participants] and adding new resources.

This week we complete a project that we started talking about more than a year ago: Training Tip of the Day. These are ideas gathered from the more than 150 self-directed training modules at NewsU.

Training Resources for Covering Haiti: Staying Here and Going There

7:01 PM Jan. 13, 2010 — by Howard Finberg

Whether you’re traveling to Haiti or looking for the local angle to cover the news about Tuesday’s devastating earthquake, Poynter’s News University has resources to help you get the story to your readers, viewers and listeners.

International Reporting Basics: What You Need to Know Before You Go. Going to Haiti? Learn what you need before you get on the plane, and how to gather information and stay safe once you arrive.

Climate Change Questions? Let Our Latest Course Help

3:43 AM Dec. 03, 2009 — by News University

How much are the glaciers melting? Does global warming cause more hurricanes? How does cap and trade really work?

With the U.N. conference on climate change just around the corner, we've launched a new course to help you get the answers you need to cover all the angles. Covering Climate Change is your guide to science, policymaking and story ideas behind this important topic.

Celebrating Distance Learning Right Here

2:07 AM Nov. 12, 2009 — by News University

As we celebrate National Distance Learning Week [Nov. 9-13] we have some things to cheer about at Poynter's News University. So break out the party hats and let's get to the updates.

First, NewsU hit another user milestone, registering our 125,000 learner.  Actually, we are a little late with this piece of news [it happen last month and we are now up to 127,000 users this week.]  We forgot to announce this news because of the next update item.

Last Chance: Share Your Ideas About Community News

5:14 PM May. 08, 2009 — by News University

Today is the deadline for public input on The Knight Commission on the Information Needs of Communities in a Democracy. The commission, funded in part by the Knight Foundation, is working with PBS Engage to find out how you get your news and information today, and how would you improve the quality of information available to you.

Hey, Look at Us -- We're On Twitter

3:42 PM May. 08, 2009 — by News University

Actually, we've been on Twitter for a while.  But we have gotten serious about sharing what's going on at NewsU via Twitter.  Our user name on Twitter is "newsuniversity"  We are also thinking about offering discount codes to our Twitter followers once we build our new NewsU site.  More details on that to come very soon via a new blog called NewsU Next.

New Resource for Journalists who Code

2:33 AM May. 08, 2009 — by News University

Innovative Interactivity recently brought to our attention a new social network on Ning called “Journalists / Coders.” Founder Justin McLachlan sees this project as “an across the board platform for those interested in coding and journalism and how the two should fit together.”

A Good Source for Beginner and Veteran Photographers

4:00 AM May. 06, 2009 — by News University

Photographers from the respected cooperative photo agency Magnum are writing about the industry. The dozen or so Magnum photographers contributing to the Magnum blog ( ) lend a unique insight to living a life of photographically documenting the world. With categories ranging from "Behind the Image: What Happened as the Shutter Clicked" to "From the Field: Stories from Around the World" you'll learn from photographers, editors and other industry professionals.

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