Remembering a Poynter NewsU Hero

6:42 PM Jan. 25, 2013 — by Howard Finberg

Paul Pohlman is one of the unsung heroes of Poynter’s e-learning project, News University.

Like many heroes, Paul did not see his role as being heroic. Or even very important. Yet I’m convinced that Poynter NewsU would not have been as successful without Paul’s quiet guidance, enthusiastic support and good humor.

Paul died recently. It was a sudden and very sad end.

He made a difference when it came to Poynter’s future for many reasons.

Training Ideas: Covering Issues About Religion

3:17 PM Sep. 14, 2012 — by Howard Finberg

With all the news out of the Middle East, we thought you’d like to have these e-learning resources handy should you need them in your reporting or teaching:

Covering Islam in America: Learn the religious, social, political and geographical facts about Islam so you can tackle stories with confidence and context.

Religion, Culture and Society: Getting Beyond the Cliches: Religion intersects nearly every story you cover. Learn how to tell those stories with greater context, skill and thoughtfulness.

Handling Race and Ethnicity: Examine whether and how to use racial and ethnic descriptions in news stories.

Reporting on Religion and Political Candidates: Learn best practices to execute solid stories about the faith of political candidates.

Enjoy the learning.

It's Video Week at Poynter NewsU: Getting Ready for Video Storytelling Online Workshop

7:27 PM Oct. 05, 2011 — by Howard Finberg

On Saturday, Oct. 15, NPPA/NPPF teams us with Poynter NewsU for our third all-day video workshop, Video Storytelling with the Pros. It’s a Webinar. It’s a Webinar with a studio audience. It’s great teaching from four great teachers:

NewsU is Getting Ready for School with J101 Project

2:50 PM Jul. 14, 2011 — by Howard Finberg

We have lined up our partners – Missouri State University, Florida Atlantic University and, the latest, California State University, Fullerton. We announced Cal State this week.

We have lined our courses – 16 weeks of readings, assignments and discussions based on more than two dozen self-directed modules.

We have lined up our faculty – 15 Poynter faculty and associates who will lead a live, interactive session weekly.

You Tell Us What Webinars You Want, We Give You 50% Discount. Sweet!

7:09 PM May. 09, 2011 — by Howard Finberg

We have had such fun with our first Webinar series the Poynter Writing Webinars that we thought about doing more topics. To figure out things, we are conducting another survey to help us get a sense of which topics matter to you and what Webinars we could do within these potential series.

100th Webinar Update: What Was Your Favorite Idea? [There are gifts!]

5:01 PM Feb. 18, 2011 — by Howard Finberg

Whether Wednesday's Webinar was your first or your 100th, thanks again for signing up for 100 Ideas to Make Your Journalism Better. The replay, with all the audio and video, is now available. You can watch as many times as you want to catch all the great ideas to make your journalism better.

Not only do we love training, we love sharing our training with others. Here's where you can help.

Poynter News University International Goes Live. How Cool is That?!

2:34 PM Jan. 07, 2011 — by Howard Finberg

We've talked about this for a while. We picked our new server technology because it could do this. Finally, we have gone public with the first of our Poynter News University International efforts.

NewsU International is a partnership between The Poynter Institute and the International Center for Journalists. Together we'll customize NewsU's interactive, self-directed modules so that they are culturally and professionally relevant for international users.

Get your promo code to celebrate Training Tuesday: 30 percent discounts on courses

2:48 PM Nov. 26, 2010 — by Howard Finberg

With the holiday season upon us, Poynter’s News University introduces Training Tuesday, a new "shopping" tradition that follows in the footsteps of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Training Tuesday, which starts Nov. 30, kicks off that period when work slows and, we hope, there might be a little more time for self-directed training. And self-directed e-learning is what we do best.

In celebration, Poynter's NewsU is giving you 30 percent discounts on NewsU’s Webinar replays, training packages, NewsU Tech courses and seminar snapshots.

E-Learning & Classroom Teaching: Powerful Combo

8:41 PM Aug. 03, 2010 — by Howard Finberg

Poynter's News University, prepping for its annual trek to the AEJMC convention high in the mountains of Colorado [Denver] just released the results of a new study about integrating e-learning into the classroom. We asked educators about their use of e-learning [any kind of online training]. We were surprised [shocked?] at how high the usage was. If anyone thinks e-learning is the future, they are out of date. E-learning is the present.

Launched, But Not Finished

6:48 PM Feb. 03, 2010 — by Howard Finberg

We have launched. The New NewsU is live [as you probably already know thanks to our e-mail blast.]

We have officially thrown the switch for our new site. And nothing blew up.

That's what makes everyone happy, which we are. And we're pretty tired, too. We've all been hard at this for the last several months and during the last several weeks it has been very intense. OK, I've been very tense.

We aren't done yet. NewsU has great users and they are giving us great ideas about how to make the site even better. We came across one idea today: A screencast on how to send a "course report." This was put together by Barbara Nixon who teaches at both Georgia Southern University (online) and Southeastern University (face-to-face).

If you want to learn more about some of our new ideas and features on the site, come to our FREE Webinar on

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