Collaboration With Users

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Collaboration With Users
Seminar Snapshot
Time Estimate:
One hour and 20 minutes

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Amanda Michel, director of distributed reporting at ProPublica, shares the techniques you can use to ask for user contributions and how you can build on that information to deliver high-impact stories. She emphasizes how to identify what information you want, how to ask for it in a systematic way that gets results and how to track the responses and follow up with professional reporting.

The presentation was given May 6, 2010, as part of a two-day conference at The Poynter Institute, “Stretching Your News Budget with User Content.”

What Will I Learn:
  • How to solicit specific stories and information from many people
  • How to create user-generated features to solicit random information
  • How to create a reporting team
  • How to motivate the right users to respond and keep them involved over time
Who should take this course:

Editors, producers and reporters in any medium who want to draw on the knowledge of users to create high-impact stories.


Amanda Michel

Amanda Michel is the director of distributed reporting at ProPublica. She recently directed HuffPost's OffTheBus, a ground-breaking citizen journalism site. She has also worked as an online organizer and strategist for political campaigns, including the Internet teams for Howard Dean and John Kerry.

Technical Requirements:

This Broadcast contains audio. Please make sure you've got your headphones and speakers adjusted.