Digital Course Pack Preview

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Digital Course Pack Preview
Digital Course Pack

This Preview has been created for instructors interested in learning how to use a Digital Course Pack in their classroom.

About Digital Course Packs

A digital course pack gathers self-directed training and assessments in a convenient package.

What Are Digital Course Packs

Digital Course Packs gather self-directed training modules and their assessments in a convenient package to supplement your syllabus.

They combine Poynter NewsU's online training courses with two critical features for educators: tracking and testing. You can assess your student's learning via multiple-choice assessment and track such information such as time spent and number of log-ons through our Instructor Dashboard™. You have the ability to choose NewsU's extensive curriculum to create a course pack that enhances your teaching.

The Features

With each e-learning module you choose, we create an assessment for your students and provide you with a way to access the results via the Instructor Dashboard.

The assessment, which is usually timed to 30 minutes, has a set of rotating questions so that students don't all see the same test. We track the scores, which you can see at any time, and you decide how you want to use the results in your grading system.

As the instructor, you also can see the number of assessment attempts made by your students. You can also select whether students are graded on passing the assessment or graded based on the highest score received after completing all attempts. Our standard is three attempts and 80 percent as a passing grade.

Per student costs range from $29.95 to $69.95 depending on the number of modules and the type of modules used. The student is responsible for paying for the Digital Course Pack, much like buying a supplemental textbook. There is no cost to the instructor. There is also special pricing for our three NewsU Primers.

The Course Pack tests are be accessible to your students for length of your semester or quarter but they always have access to the courses.

Choosing your Courses

As the instructor you have the option to model your Digital Course Pack after existing packs.

You can find a complete list of our Digital Course Packs here.

Or, choose to create a custom course pack by selecting from our e-learning curriculum at We recommend five modules in a course pack.

About This Course Pack Preview

We've developed this Preview so you can see how a course pack works. The NewsU modules in this Digital Course Pack Preview are:

  • Cleaning Your Copy: Grammar, Style and More
  • News Sense: The Building Blocks of News
  • Newsgathering Law & Liability: A Guide for Reporting

You can learn more about Digital Course Packs in our blog. If you would like to request a Digital Course Pack for your students, please use this form. For more information, please contact us at