Our Toolkit for Reporting on the 2016 Election

5:54 PM Sep. 28, 2016 — by Vicki Krueger

Melody Kramer shared on Poynter.org this week a great article on how to do good journalism between now and Election Day, which highlighted Jeff Jarvis' prescription for better political reporting. It includes:

  • Help inform voters
  • Call lies lies
  • Follow real scandals
  • Abandon false balance
  • Devote less time on polls
  • Stop predicting
  • Listen

As you dig in for the final weeks of the campaign in your own community, here are some tools and techniques to power your coverage:

Is there other training you would recommend? Are there ways these courses have helped your coverage? Email us at info@newsu.org.

And you can follow all of Poynter's coverage of the 2016 campaign here.