BYU News Media Sequence and PR Sequence Language Primer

Course Pack Overview

BYU News Media Sequence and PR Sequence Language Primer
Digital Course Pack

This Language Primer Course Pack is for students applying to the News Media or PR Sequence major at Brigham Young University.

About Digital Course Packs

A digital course pack gathers self-directed training and assessments in a convenient package.

The Language Primer is designed to both prepare and assess as part of your application for admittance to the News Media or PR sequences at BYU. You get unlimited access to essays, practice drills and feedback and then up to TWO ATTEMPTS at the final assessments in the three areas of grammar, punctuation and word use. Your highest score from each of the two final assessments will be summed and then entered into your application. (News Media Sequence: Minimum acceptable score is 80%).

Use your Dashboard link on the left side of the screen to review scores and progress at anytime.

Training Partner:

Brigham Young University

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