Innovation and Storytelling: Master Class with Mario Garcia

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November 20, 2014 Enroll Now

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Innovation and Storytelling: Master Class with Mario Garcia
Master Class
Time Estimate:
Mario Garcia's Master Class has two 1.5-hour sessions.

About Master Classes

A Poynter Institute Master Class is a unique opportunity to learn from a prominent journalist or other media star in an intimate, exclusive online broadcast or in-person event.

More than 700 projects have had the Mario Garcia treatment in his over-40-year career. These projects have been about innovation, reinvention, re-imagining possibilities. Mario's career itself has gone through several iterations; he has reinvented his work and re-imagined his own possibilities.

In this exclusive Poynter NewsU event, Mario highlights the lessons learned from his spectacular career, while pointing out the decision points and philosophies that led him to where he is today. He takes questions on design, redesign, innovation and, of course, storytelling.

This Master Class was broadcast on Nov. 20, 2014 and is now available to watch in replay

About the Poynter Master Class

Taking your craft to the next level requires not only skills and focus but also courage and inspiration. The Poynter Master Class is a unique opportunity to get into the mindset of a professional who is widely regarded as one of the brightest minds in and best practitioners of the craft of journalism. The three-hour program was broadcast live and is now available for replay. We solicited questions from the audience in advance in order to provide a high-quality broadcast.

Kenny Irby, Poynter's Senior Faculty, Visual Journalism and Diversity and Director of Community Relations interviewed Mario Garcia.

What Will I Learn:

Session 1: Innovation and Storytelling
* Why this is the best time in history for storytelling and how to make the most of it
* The background and philosophy of WED (writing/editing/design)
* How to think about design * Mario's work on the Wall Street Journal and other key projects

Session 2: Resilience and Reinvention
* How to put yourself in the best mindset to be successful in a changing digital media environment
* Mario's work at Columbia and in the academy
* Design thinking for tablets and mobile
* The role of mentorship
* The psychology of the designer and the role of the designer and design in the newsroom

Who should take this course:

Media professionals, including designers but not limited to them, who want to take their careers to the next level, editors and managers who want to help their newsrooms reach the next level of design and impact.


Mario Garcia

Mario is the CEO and founder of García Media, supervising the work of all projects.

Trained as a journalist, Mario is strongly committed to the idea that content is what determines the success of a brand; his work and teaching is based on his “WED” philosophy, of combining writing, editing and design as basic principles for effective communication of ideas.


Kenny Irby (Host)

Kenny Irby is Senior Faculty/Visual Journalism and director of diversity at The Poynter Institute. He founded Poynter's photojournalism program in 1995, and he teaches and consults in areas of photojournalism, leadership, ethics and diversity.

Since joining the Institute in 1995, Irby has traveled to Nigeria, the Netherlands, Denmark, Canada, Jamaica, Singapore, South Africa and Russia preaching excellence in photojournalism.

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