On Pi Day, Our Favorite Math Courses

6:50 PM Mar. 14, 2017 — by Vicki Krueger

In honor of Pi Day (remember that magical 3.141 number from school?), we wanted to highlight some of our favorite math courses. These have been developed to help you gain confidence in working with numbers and put them in context for your audience.

Math for Journalists: Help with Numbers
Everything from reducing fractions and other math essentials to topics specifically for journalists, such as calculating cost of living and estimating crowd sizes. The goal is to make routine math routine.

Numeracy Primer: How to Write About Numbers
Numbers crop up in the most unexpected places. Confront them head-on and write about them accurately, ethically and elegantly.

There's Math In My Journalism! Solving Your Numbers Problems
Whether you're working with large numbers or jargon-filled reports, learn how to question the numbers that really tell the story.

Financial Literacy Basics: Producing Better Business Stories
Translate technical, financial information into language that you--and your audience--can understand.

Understanding and Interpreting Polls
Are you confident you can tell the legitimate numbers from the sloppy surveys? Do you know when nine out of 10 isn't really nine out of 10? Learn to dig into survey data and see how the numbers measure up.