Reporters' Boot Camp 2013: A Poynter Broadcast Training Package

Course Overview

Reporters' Boot Camp 2013: A Poynter Broadcast Training Package
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Expert advice from the three Seminar Snapshots in this package from award-winning reporters, writers and editors will show you how to develop the heart of your craft.

What You'll Learn

Generating Story Ideas

Good story ideas don't just fall into the laps of writers and reporters. They come from your own curiosity about the world and finding the true potential behind any story.

Developing Sources

Sources are the lifeblood of your reporting. But how do you build relationships with the people in your community or when you're out on assignment? Explore strategies that will guide you to stronger stories.

Interviewing: Getting in the Door

At the heart of your story is the information you gather during interviews. How do you get people to talk to you, especially if they don't want to talk to you. Hint: It involves listening.