Poynter NewsU Training Points

Our rewards program lets you earn training points every time you watch a webinar, tell a friend about a course or join in other e-learning at Poynter's NewsU. You can redeem your points for webinars, self-directed courses, certificates and more. The more you learn, the more you earn.


Every time you join in the e-learning at NewsU, you earn points. Just by registering on the site, you earn 100 points. When you sign up for webinars, certificates or fee-based courses, you'll earn points based on a percentage of how much you spend. Tell a friend about any of our courses and you get 50 points. You can check your points status by clicking on My NewsU.


You can redeem Training Points whenever you make a purchase at NewsU. Every 100 Training Points are worth $1. Your points never expire. So you can redeem a few at a time, or you can save them and apply them for the full cost of a training module. You'll be able to choose how many you want to use on the Check-Out Page for every purchase. You can also see your points status by clicking on My NewsU.


When you share a syllabus, assignment or other teaching material, you'll receive 100 Poynter NewsU Training Points. To download a training resource, you will need 50 points [for each resource]. To get everyone started, we are giving every registered user at Poynter's NewsU 100 points. That means you can download two resources before you start sharing.


Read our Training Points FAQ at www.newsu.org/support/training_points.

This program is our our way of saying thank you for joining the Poynter NewsU community. Our rewards give you something in return: Training Points you can use for more of the great e-learning you find at NewsU.