How to Organize Your Sales Team for Success

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How to Organize Your Sales Team for Success
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One hour

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Organizational commitment and the quality of sales teams within an organization can determine its success in selling more digital products. Learn how to manage your sales team, find out the importance of commitment from the decision makers in an organization and how to compensate and train your sales teams.

In this video, Christian A. Hendricks, Vice President, Interactive Media, John Jordan, Director of Digital Revenue Development, and Orlando Comas, Director of Digital Revenue Sales of the McClatchy Company talk about organizing the current sales teams in your organization to maximize on their strengths and potential to grow digital sales.

This Seminar Snapshot contains edited video highlights from a presentation at McClatchy Interactive in Raleigh, N.C., during Transformation Tour, a workshop on February 1, 2013. The presentation was part of the Selling Digital Products workshop, fifth in a series of workshops by API and The Poynter Institute.

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What Will I Learn:
  • How to grow the strength of your current sales teams
  • Importance of training and proper compensation
  • Create teams of dedicated digital sellers
Who should take this course:

Advertising, digital revenue and digital product development professionals who want to develop sales strategies that work.


Christian A. Hendricks

Christian A. Hendricks became vice president of interactive media for the McClatchy Co. in Sacramento, California in 1999. He joined the company in 1992 as advertising manager, marketing for The Fresno Bee, and the following year became its marketing director. In 1994 he was named manager of technology for McClatchy, and held this position until 1996 when he was promoted to president and publisher of Nando Media, McClatchy's Internet publishing company. He remained there until taking his current position in 1999.


John J. Jordan

John J. Jordan is currently director of digital revenue development for the McClatchy Company. He has worked for the newspaper industry in editorial, marketing and advertising positions since the early 1980s, including 20 years in digital media. Prior to his current position, he held senior digital management positions at several McClatchy newspapers.


Orlando Comas

Orlando Comas has more than 17 years experience in sales and marketing and 12 years in digital advertising. He has held several positions with The Miami Herald, McClatchy Interactive and The McClatchy Company during his 12-year tenure, including his most recent position as Director of Digital Sales Development for The McClatchy Company. He currently manages the sales development team responsible for digital sales strategy, training and sales efforts across McClatchy's 30 daily newspapers.

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