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  • How can I get a receipt for payment?

    Click on the name of the course for which you need the receipt. There will be a link called "Receipt" just under the course title. When you click on it, a receipt will appear.

  • How do I pay for News University courses?

    To purchase a Webinar, Online Group Seminar, Workshop or other course, simply log into your account at with your user name and password, then click on the title of the course. You will find an Enroll button in the dark box on the right side. Click on it and then on the Checkout button. We accept payment by credit card or PayPal. Enter the name and address applicable to your credit card or PayPal account, then the biling information (if you have a Promo Code or Gift Certificate Number, enter it on this page, below your billing information but above the credit card number) and click on Review Order. If all is correct, click Submit. As soon as the transaction is approved by the bank, you will be able to print a receipt from that page.

    If you are paying by P-card, you would enter the same information as above. Some P-cards have institutional blocks that prevent you from using them on our site. If your P-card transaction is denied, please contact the issuing bank for assistance.

    If you do not have a credit card, we will accept payment PayPal instead of check or wire transfer.

  • What is the certificate program at Poynter's News University?

    The certificate program is designed to measure the successful completion and understanding of a segment of NewsU training.

  • How do I earn a certificate?

    To receive a certificate, you must take the NewsU courses associated with that certificate program and then successfully complete an online assessment for each course. The courses included in a certificate are listed on the certificate enrollment page.

  • When do I get my certificate?

    When you have passed all the assessments in a certificate program track, you will get instructions on how to download the certificate.

  • How do I know whether I passed?

    You must score at least 80 percent to pass each assessment. Your score will appear on the screen once you've answered the final question in the assessment.

  • What happens if I don't pass?

    You have three chances to pass each assessment. Your certificate page will show your status on each assessment as you work through the program.

  • What's included in the assessment?

    Each assessment contains about 15-20 multiple-choice and true-false questions. You'll have 30 minutes to complete each assessment and you can monitor your time as you work through the questions. You'll get one question on a page, with minimal distractions. The questions are based on the content of the course, so study hard.

  • Can I see my results?

    We will give you the results as soon as you complete an assessment, but we won't tell you which answers were correct or incorrect. This is different from the quizzes and activities in our courses, in which you can learn from all the answers. The assessment is designed to measure your proficiency with the course content.

  • Do I have to take the assessments in order?

    Once you've enrolled in a certificate track, you may take the assessments at any time and in any order. It doesn't matter which assessment, or which course, you take first. When you pass all the assessments, you will receive your certificate.

  • How much does the certificate program cost?

    The cost for each certificate is listed on the enrollment page.

  • Am I required to register for the certificate before taking the related courses?

    Yes, if you wish to have access to the assessments and the certificate.

  • Can I create a customized certificate for my classroom or organization?

    We have developed custom certificates for several organizations. For more information, please contact us at info [at]