Techint Reporting and Writing Certificate Program

Course Overview

Techint Reporting and Writing Certificate Program
Certificate Program

This program includes all the courses, plus the assessments that let your earn your certificate in writing and reporting.

About Certificate Programs

Certificates of proficiency are designed to measure your knowledge of essential skills or information. To receive a certificate, take the NewsU courses associated with that certificate program and then successfully complete the online assessment for each course. Once you've passed all the assessments, you will receive your certificate from Poynter's NewsU.

Telling compelling journalism stories requires more than curiosity and writing skill. You need to engage an audience, hold their attention and provide meaningful information they can use. The interactive courses and on-demand video replays in this series will show you the ropes, point you to the right resources and help you formulate the questions you most need answered. When you're done, you will have a solid understanding of what it takes to build tell compelling stories about what is working to solve problems facing communities like yours.

Courses included in this package

NOTE: Enroll in the course pack by clicking on the blue Enroll Now button and not in these courses separately. (Please note: Enrolling in the courses separately will not count toward the certificate.)

  • Headlines, Not Cheaplines or Borelines This session will cover research on successful headlines from the reader's perspective and how to figure out what stories to invest time in.

  • How to Power Your Reporting With Social Media This session will work on find story ideas, cultivate sources, build brand and develop audience.

  • Writing Effective Photo Captions This session will cover how you write captions for print, digital or mobile platforms. It will discuss best practices about the length of captions and what essential information you should include.

  • Tools for Mobile Journalism 2016 This session will discover the best apps, tips and tricks for mobile journalism (focus on iOS but touch on Android).

  • Solutions Journalism: Covering What Works, Without The Fluff This session will touch bases with solutions journalism: rigorous, compelling reporting on responses to problems.

Complete each of the courses in this certificate program, then take the assessments for each one. A separate assessment covers the content from each course. You'll have three chances to pass each assessment.

Unlike traditional quizzes and activities from Poynter's NewsU, these assessments won't tell you the answers. So make sure you study hard when you take the courses.

Who Benefits From This Certificate:

This certificate is only for the employees of The Techint Group.

How Certificates Work:
  • Each assessment contains about 15-20 multiple-choice and true-false questions
  • You must score at least 80 percent to pass each assessment
  • You'll get three chances to pass each assessment
  • You'll have 30 minutes to complete each assessment
  • When you pass all the assessments, you will receive your certificate

Questions? Read our Certificates FAQ or contact us.