Tools for Educators

Poynter's News University values its partnership with thousands of teachers so we have created this "Tools for Educators" page. If you're using online training with your students -- or if you're wondering how to get started -- Poynter NewsU can help.

Choose from more than 300 online courses to create a Poynter NewsU Certificate co-branded with your school or a digital course pack as an e-learning companion to your syllabus. And see all the resources we've assembled for teaching News & Media Literacy. Looking for syllabus ideas or teaching resources? Visit our Syllabus Exchange. For more information, contact us at

  • Poynter-Cronkite Certificate for Adjunct Instructors

    A practical, economical way to help adjuncts transition from newsroom to classroom. This new certificate program from Poynter and Arizona State covers the key skills for effective classroom teaching. Schools from Arizona State, Hawaii, Mississippi and more are already participating in this innovative program.

  • Poynter NewsU Certificate Program

    In a competitive job market, certificates from Poynter's NewsU let your students demonstrate their proficiency in essential journalism skills and best practices. With certificates from Poynter's NewsU, you get a trusted partner to help you evaluate what your students learn. Your students get a resume builder that helps them stand out in the marketplace.

  • Digital Course Packs

    Poynter NewsU Digital Course Packs for classes of 10 or more gather self-directed training modules and their assessments into a convenient package to supplement your syllabus.

    They combine Poynter NewsU's online training courses with two critical features for educators: tracking and testing. You can gauge your students' learning via multiple-choice assessments and track each student's participation with our Instructor Dashboard™.

  • Primer Packages

    Three courses that focus on the essential skills every student needs

  • Syllabus Exchange

    Share teaching materials with your fellow educators. Syllabus Exchange lets you easily upload and download syllabi, assignments and other resources. Our goal is to build the largest database of journalism, mass communication and electronic media teaching materials.

  • News & Media Literacy

    Poynter exists to ensure that our communities have access to excellent journalism—the kind of journalism that enables us to participate fully and effectively in our democracy. Explore the programs and resources we have on news and media literacy.

  • Poynter NewsU Training Points

    Our rewards program lets you earn training points every time you watch a webinar, tell a friend about a course or join in other e-learning at Poynter's NewsU. You can redeem your points for webinars, self-directed courses, certificates and more. The more you learn, the more you earn.