Video Storytelling with the Pros: Lighting, Writing and Surviving

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Video Storytelling with the Pros: Lighting, Writing and Surviving
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The four Seminar Snapshots in this package will help you understand how award-winning professionals work through the storytelling process. Learn their go-to tricks, whether they're reporting solo or lighting a subject under pressure. See how they lay out their stories with and without narration. Look inside their bags. Hear their tips. And apply them to your videography.

What will I learn

Natural Sound Packages: Video Storytelling Without Reporter Narration, with Darren Durlach
Learn how to let your subjects tell their own stories.

Useful Lighting Techniques for Today's Video Assignment, with Adam Vance
Learn how to set up multiple lights or one and which lights to avoid.

Surviving Solo: Be a Better Backpack Journalist, with Michelle Michael
You don't have to sacrifice the quality of your video stories because it's only you reporting and producing.

Writing Tools for Every Visual Storyteller, with Boyd Huppert
Learn to transform your video reporting into compelling stories.

Check out the Storify page we created from the live event.

The Seminar Snapshots are from The Poynter Institute and the National Press Photographers Foundation's day-long event, Video Storytelling with the Pros, on Oct. 15, 2011. Purchase this Training Package for $75, or purchase any of the four individual replays for $24.95 each.